Things to Know Before Travelling to Tanzania


 Tanzania lies on the East African coast, between 2 and 11; 45 latitudes, south of         the equator, and 29; 20, 40; 35, longitudes east. Tanzania borders Kenya & Uganda in the North, Rwanda Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique in the South.

This location makes Tanzania the splendid centre from which to explore the Eastern, central and southern Africa.


The climate is tropically. The coastal regions are hot and humid with the average temperature of 31; C while the central plateau is semi -arid with hot days and cool nights.

The northern highland is the highest point with an average of 18; c. the long rains are from march-may an the short rains fall between October-December

The hottest months are from September- February.


All visitors to Tanzania require a return tickets and a valid passport with an entry or re entry visa fully endorsed. Visa is required for every one except for commonwealth countries and other specified countries.

Visa can be obtained

From any Tanzania Diplomatic Mission, main entry points, International airports, borders ports & sea ports.


It is recommended to travel with light bags since bulk, suitcases may overloaded, but safari vehicles provides limited space for luggages


Personal effects including cameras, films binoculars, visitors buying gift and hand crafts must keep cash, sales receipts and certificate for wildlife trophies of presentation to customs official on departures.


Light tropical clothes especially cotton slaks, shirts and skirts are most suitable, although in some areas like north of the Country warm clothing is needed. Visitors are advised to carry some insect repellents.


The unit is the Tanzanian shilings(Tshs) which is divided into 100 cents. Visitors can bring with them any amount of foreign currency and this in cash or travelers cheque, and can be exchanged at the commercial banks authorized dealers or at any bureau de change operating at airports, border posts and major Towns.