Mountain Climb

CARACAL ADVENTURES is a company based in Arusha, Tanzania that plays a vital role in attracting foreigners to spend time visiting our numerous national parks while stressing the importance of understanding and experiencing Tanzanian society, culture, and general way of life.

We are greatly concerned about your mountain experience and safari exploration as long as we are born and grown up and get surrounded by these magnificent natural resources; Thus we are not only an agent but also a symbol based on safari territory-Tanzania!

We always use the best routes for Kilimanjaro adventures; Western Breach with an overnight on the crater rim),Machame, Marangu,Londoros,Lemosho, Umbwe,Shira while on safari is Serengeti are Wildebeest migrations also a critical to the success is our operations using vehicles like Land-cruisers, Land-rovers which are well customized to suit tough interesting safaris and adventure.

We use the best tents on the mountains and safaris you will sleep well on your portable mattress, provided with the portable showers in a privacy tent, portable camping chairs, and tables, on top of it we give you a choice of delicious meals.

Our clients love theĀ  way we arrange our Kilimanjaro trekking, safari adventure trips. We encourage the cultural interaction between our clients and our team .

The bell has rang! to care about society, environmental conservations, natural resources for the young Tanzanian future generations those surrounds us.