Tanzania is home to the one of the world’s most magnificent and undiscovered game reserves, the fabulous national parks.The remains of Homo Habilis were found here, as  why the CRADLE OF MANKIND.You will not remain the same when you take a step and visit this God’s gift natural areas, and CARACAL ADVENTURES is your ideal  safari company. CARACAL ADVENTURES offers a tailor-made safari, of which is designed to suit your taste and budget.Whether you have a special interest or personal preference, We are able to allocate a Driver-Guide and vehicle for your personal use. We are also proud to offer special itinerary for a family with children.We shall be glad to offer you the extra piece of individual service within our expert team.Our mission is to ensure the highest quality of any safari participant. We are always honest in our advice to travellers. We try to give our travellers the most realistic picture possible of what their trip will be like – as we believe that matching expectations to the local reality, and then exceeding these expectations, is the way to ensure consistently excellent trips. Most of our safaris are mainly departing from Arusha town, which is the gate-away to northern, and southern Tanzania.The Arusha town can be acceble by road from Nairobi, by daily shuttles, it is also 45minutes drive from Kilimanjaro airport, which operates  daily flights from Mwl J.k Nyerere, Jomo Kenyata, and Zanzibar airports. CARACAL ADVENTURES can arrange for you.


CARACAL ADVENTURES is committed to the natural environment conservation. Of course we work hand to hand with variety conservation societies. We do every possible to minimize the impact. So long as local people are concerned CARACAL ADVENTURES educates them to protect the nature and environment for the coming generation. It is also our focus to increase awareness of the direct benefit generated by ecology and wildlife, we have created a long term sustainability through local people